Go To Winter Makeup Look

Back from the abyss called senior year of college, I finally have the time to share two makeup looks that have been saving my life for the last few weeks. This is a wearable makeup look that complements various skin tones, face and eye shapes. It’s a matte eye look with a slender cat eye to give your eyes a more awake look. Whether you wear makeup everyday or some days this makeup look is for the days you want to appear put together for yourself without looking or feeling like you tried a lot.

Chokers from Charlotte Ruse

*Beauty Blender used| Combination/Oily skin

Concealer– La Girl Pro concealer| Fawn

I place my concealer beneath my foundation to cover any dark marks.I do not use it to highlight. This is so I don’t use more product than necessary and also helps the finished product look less cakey.

Foundation-Estee Lauder|5w1 Bronze and Makeup forever| 51 Golden Caramel

I use the lighter Estee launder foundation on the center parts of my face and beneath the hallows of my cheeks to highlight and the darker Makeup forever foundation on the perimeter of my face to add dimension. I apply my foundation first with my fingers then pat it in with my beauty blender until it’s perfectly blended.

Powder-Laura Mercier| Translucent powder

I set the center of my face with my translucent powder and the perimeter with my bronzer.

Bronzer-Mac|Dark deep

Highlighter-Mac| Gold Deposit

I place this on my nose bridge, cupids bow, and high points of my cheeks

Contour powder-Mac|Blunt

Used in the hallows of the cheeks


Palette-Stila| In the know Palette

I used a burnt orange color in the the crease and on the lower lash line. A matte nude color is placed on the lids and lastly a warm tone brown is blended within the crease. The nude matte color is also placed in the inner corners of the eyes.

Eyeliner-Maybelline| Gel eyeliner

Place a thin cat eye before adding lashes(optional)

Lashes-Kiss| Ritzy lashes

Eyebrows– Sonia Kashuk-Brow Definer  La Girl pro concealer- Warm Honey

I use the brow pencil to fill in my brow and the warm honey concealer to beneath the eyebrow for a sharper, cleaner brow.


Lip Pencils– Rimmel London| Wild Clover and Coffee Bean

**Tip-Add or emphasize a beauty mark to draw attention away from problem areas on your face. Apply less color and product near problem areas, which may emphasize them.

Up Next: 2nd Winter go to look and winter skin routine

The Drugstore Guide to the Perfect Brows

I’m finally back from a Hiatus I like to call College. The past semester left me in a catatonic state to which I’m finally recovering from thanks to a lot of sleep and Game of thrones.

I’m back with 2 drugstore products you can use to achieve your fleekish brows.

L’oreal Paris Fine Tip Brow Pencil


I tested out this product for 3 months and fell in love. It’s extremely similar to the Anastasia brow pencil, however the tip is thinner allowing you the ease of creating the illusion of brow hairs.This is perfect for you guys who have thin hairs and also people with thicker brows to fill in any gaps.


Price- On the L’oreal  website it is sold for $8.99. While in stores like Walmart you can probably find it for a cheaper price ranging around $7.50.

The packaging of the pencil is similar to the Anastasia Beverley Hills. Therefore there is a brush attached and the pencil can be twisted in and out. The pencil is thinner, o.5mm to be exact which increases precision.


It only comes in 3 colors, blonde, brunette and dark brunette.

Breaks easily- Since the pencil material is extremely thin there’s a larger chance of it snapping if too much pressure is applied or if you’re like me and tend to accidentally leave products everywhere.

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo


Price: Ranges from $8:30 to $5.60 depending on store.

Colors:Blonde, Soft brown, Auburn and Deed Brown.

Amount: 0.2 oz

I must admit I was very skeptical to use this product. There was something about the commercial that made me feel that the product would not be a proper functioning one. Was I ever wrong. I first used this product on my mother who has very scarce eyebrows due to her past experience with chemo therapy. I used the sponge end which pumps out brow powder. PRO: The sponge forms to a point which allows for a nice shape when rubbing the power. It’s a quick application. The pencil on the opposite end helped me add more definition to her brows. There are rarely any cons for me. CON: However, some people worry about the sanitation of the sponge tip. Also unlike the l’oreal product this product does NOT have a brush extension. Overall it is a product that allows for a quick and easy process for those days when you have no time.

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Trip To Guyana

I recently came back from my 2 week trip to my home country, Guyana. Although I ‘ve  lived there for 10 years as child I feel like it wasn’t until recently that I am truly seeing the country. While in Guyana I’ve explored town, and other places of the city but it was my journey to Parika that left an impression on me. I’ve been living in New York city for 10 years now so seeing the quaint area of Parika gave me a indescribable peace and serenity within myself. I recorded and took pictures of my visit for you guys to see. I hope you like it.


To get to Parika is quite the journey. You must cross the Demerara river which leads into an hour drive. At the Parika market, there is a dock where you have access to the Atlantic Ocean and can travel to many surrounding islands. Although the area leading toward Parika isn’t very populated, the market seems to be the social hotspot. There you can find east Indian, black and Asian people. As you continue to travel through the area you will happen upon a hidden beach that only local Guyanese know of. Although to many seeing brown water may be weird, to me it meant I was home.


Travel:Christmas Culture Shock

Although I believe the Christmas spirit is the same world wide, Christmas In Guyana has so many differences compared to my experience in New York.

The Weather

Say goodbye to the winter wonderland. In Guyana it is always hot, so there’s no snowmen and no hopping out your bed in a Christmas themed onesie. The hot chocolate and cookies on Christmas morning seems pointless.Yet all these points seem minuscule when you realize that due to the weather fireplaces are obsolete, therefore, there’s no chimney for Santa. Way to ruin a child’s fantasy. Also due to the weather it’s impossible to even have an authentic tree for Christmas, since they don’t grow in Guyana’s tropical climate.

The Food

The food is a huge culture shock. Pepper pot, garlic pork and black cake are traditional Christmas food’s in Guyana. There are also pickled onions which most people are disgusted by, but I savor the thought. That’s a long way from gingerbread houses,cookies, cupcakes and hot chocolate. Although I do miss the sweet taste of candy canes  hanging from the  Christmas tree, I appreciate the opportunity to eat the food I grew up eating for Christmas as kid in Guyana.

The Events

This has to be the most mind boggling of all culture shocks. It isn’t necessarily a Christmas, but a New Years tradition. In New York  there’s the famous new year’s countdown in times square, where celebrities preform and everyone, including tourists and locals gather to take part. Those who can’t attend can watch on T.V. However in Guyana things are a little different. In Guyana there are many religions but Christianity and Islam are dominant. Therefore, many people  attend church to welcome New Years. GASP! yes I said Church. Usually my mom attends when we visit, however  I prefer to start the new years with a drink in hand and family around. One can even say that this New York tradition is here to stay!


I’ll be leaving for Guyana on Saturday the 19th, so my last post will be Carry on essentials. I will try my best to get pictures of my trip for everyone to see where I learned the ways of the world .


Travel:The Makeup Edition



|Guyana(Gay.anna)| Hidden away in the right pocket of South America, is my home country Guyana. It is  undeveloped compared to America, but the undiscovered wonders of the country is what makes it mysterious, exotic and cultural. Much like many other Caribbean countries the mantra of this country is  not to  worry and be happy. The country has a chill vibe, great food and the people are lively.  It’s almost that time of year where my family and I escape to Guyana for Christmas. Here are a few tips to help plan what cosmetics to take when traveling:

Plane Regulations

TSA regulations


Plane regulations :The TSA 3-1-1 rule for carry on states that liquid cosmetics must be in a 3.4oz or less resealable bottle. My necessities for my trip this year are: a Ziploc bag to place all my liquids in, Powder foundation, Mascara, Simple Makeup remover wipes(travel size),face Moisturizer and a face wash (sample size). There are rarely any restrictions  concerning non-liquids. The rest of my makeup is placed in my Sonia Kashuk cosmetic bag and left in my suitcase. There are some airlines that maybe more lenient depending on your destination. However, I personally had a few of my things thrown out so I suggest not taking the chance.



Guyana lies on the equator, so it’s always humid and the only season you have  to worry about is the rainy season.If you are planning to travel to any Caribbean or West Indian country prepare yourself. I suggest either a powder, a bb cream or waterproof foundation. You can use wax based products for your brows, waterproof eyeliner and mascara so you have  a better chance against the heat. Also be aware that since the weather is different your skin may react or feel different  compared to how it normally is in a country like America. P.S~Don’t forget the sunscreen.


There are countless societies that inhabit this world and every society will have their societal norms. Due to the hot weather and Guyana’s old time society most a lot of people don’t embrace a full face of makeup and lean towards a more natural look or a simple powdered face with thin eyebrows.I’m not saying  let society choose what you wear on your face but educate yourself on what kind of environment you maybe entering. In Guyana, there may be people who constantly ask you what is on your face and you may even be harassed by ignorant old people. On the bright side this kind of society gives you confidence in your bare face, flaws and all.


90’s Inspired/Simple fall makeup

I’m In Love With The Cocoa

I’m currently watching all the seasons of Sex and City for the first time in my life.And I have beening falling in love with the 90’s all over again ever since I finished the charmed series.I came up with this look to tie in the 90’s with the 2015. Hope you like it. And comment which Sex and the City character were you.

Foundation|Estee Lauder 5w1 and Maybellie FIT me 330, maybelline matte mousse in caramel

Concealers| NARS creamy Concealer (caramel)and MAC studio finish(nc45)

Eyebrows| Any beauty supply store brow pencil

Eyes| Café brown in the crease and any bronze color in the lid. Fake Eyelashes -TBD

Contour & Highlight| MAC Blunt contour powder, MAC mineralize skin finish in dark to bronze and MAC gold deposit to highlight.

Setting Powder| L’Oréal super blendable powder in w7

Lips| Rimmel lip liner in cocoa

Full Coverage/Ance Coverage Makeup

Acne Coverage

Acne Coverage Routine

For the record, no one should ever feel shameful about having acne because it is something that is common and natural to have. It can be caused by various reasons and for the days when you’re required to look presentable makeup is here for a little help.

Foundation|Full coverage foundation Estee Lauder  5W1 and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Caramel

Concealer| NARS creamy concealer and MAC studio finish concealer

Eyeliner|Maybelline  Gel eyeliner

Mascara| Maybelline Volum’ Express

Lips| Rimmel Spice Lip Liner

Eyebrows| Anastasia Beverly Hills

Contour & Highlight\Bronze| MAC Blunt Contour powder, MAC Gold Deposit(Make sure you don’t use it over areas with bumpy textures), MAC mineralize skin finish to bronze my skin

Setting powder| L’Oreal blendable powder in W7

  • Tip- Try not to go for colorful eye shadows or dramatic looks because it can bring attention to the texture and scars from breakouts

Ance Control Routine

I started developing acne around age 10, which was when I first came to America. Since then, I’ve had a long struggle with acne and over the years I’ve gained knowledge on how to handle my skin type.

THE FIRST STEP to dealing with your skin is understanding what skin type you have-Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination or sensitive.Also, acknowledging that acne can develop due to multiple causes including your diet, improper skincare, genetics etc. This post is mainly addressing skincare, so if you feel like you want to have a deeper understanding of your skin my advice would be to see a dermatologist.

My Skin Type| Combination skin: Extreme oily is my T-Zone and normal to dry around the perimeters of my face

My Routine

Simple Makeup Remover Wipes
Simple Makeup Remover Wipes

I have sensitive skin so there are many products, such as a the Neutrogena skin wipes that burn my skin which causes irritation. Therefore, when I’m removing makeup I use the Simple Wipes and the Simple Daily cleansers. Pros- No artificial Perfumes or Dyes |No Parabens  |No harsh Chemicals to upset your skin. Cons- You needs to use multiple wipes since the formula isn’t strong.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Extra-Dry Skin
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Extra-Dry Skin

I’ve recently been using this right after cleansing my face and it is amazing. Some people may think that since you have oily skin that it is not necessary to moisturize but that is going about things the wrong way. When you cleanse you’re taking away all the moisture and necessary oils out of your skin. So, your skin begin over producing oil and looks like an oil slick by the end of the day. It is important then to find a moisturizer for your skin type. Most moisturizers have the catered skin type written on them, but even then  the face lotion may not be for you. I’ve have tried a few, such as Clinique that didn’t moisturize my face enough and Olay that was too heavy to the point on me feeling like I had moisturizer lingering on my skin. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrates my skin and leaves my skin feeling fresh with no residue. This product does not have SPF in it so you would need to apply the SPF separately or buy a foundation that has it in it. This product is definitely worth the purchase or try for any skin type.

Clean and Clear Exfoliating cleanser

I cleanse my face 2 to 3 times a week. It helps getting any dead skin off my face and unmentionables out of my pores. I use the clean and clear exfoliating cleanser. This leaves a minty feel to the face which helps your face feel refreshed. The only con is the smell. It does not bother me , however if you are sensitive towards products that have somewhat of a chemical smell this product isn’t for you. It comes out of the container as a white, thick, exfoliating cream. In the directions it tells you to use it daily but it is not safe for you skin to use this everyday. If I do have a breakout, I usually place a small amount on  to help treat it.

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The Broken Doll:Halloween Makeup

I remember being terrified of dolls as a kid. So the fact that I chose to create a doll look on my dear friend has me flabbergasted at my behavior. This look is fun and easy to create for anyone looking for a quick idea to go trick or treating, or to a halloween party.

Doll Base

Creating a flawless base|

  • Moisturize and Prime
  • You can be as flexible as you want. You can make it lighter, darker, blue, purple etc.(Make sure you blend it down the neck)  *I went lighter for my model
  • Conceal, Contour and Highlight( *concealers, foundations or cream contour products can be used) Set everything with face powder

Doll Eyes


  • Brows are up to you. I decided to go thin and black. I used liner to create them and concealed her brows around them.
  • Use matte neutral colors, emphasizing the crease.Then apply your preferred fake lashes to finish the look.

Doll lips


  • A red lip liner and lipstick(any drugstore will do)

Broken Doll


The cheeks were  little tricky because the color was not showing up on her deep skin tone. Therefore, I used a pink powder blush as a base and red lipstick to make the blush circles.

Doll liner


I used the Maybelline gel liner and the brush that came with it to make the cracks. Let it dry and then layer it on again. I cleaned up any mistakes with concealer. The liner can be used to also defined the cheek contours and to defined the chin. To make the eyes more dramatic draw on bottom lashes.

That’s the end of this quick doll look. If anyone is interested in any specific product used you can leave a comment and I’ll add it in.

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9 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

I suffer from general anxiety everyday of my life. It can attack at anytime during the day, whether it’s on a train filled to the brim with meat suits or simply that quiet moment I have right before I fall asleep.This usually leads to depression, insomnia, tension headaches, mood swings, difficulty breathing, the occasional dizziness and a low self-esteem.

Stop saying you suffer from anxiety- My aunt makes it her duty to remind me that WORDS HAVE MOLDING POWER. Yes, you have anxiety but reminding yourself of it everyday and using it as an excuse every time it keeps you from enjoying yourself only restricts you to a box you created.

Music Therapy- This a remedy I have for my mild mood swings. In life many people have routines, but  there are always minor obscurities that makes your routine slightly different from the last. This can usually change the entire mood of my day, to the point I may not want to leave the house. Therefore, I have playlists of different music that I would listen to depending on my mood. For example, I have a rain sounds playlist for my insomnia.

Taking breaks and Changing Perspectives– Whether it’s a break from work or the people you’re around, it’s important to take some time away to catch up with  yourself.I think introverts can understand when I say that social interaction can be exhausting.Take some time to have mini adventures. When your horizons are broadened some of the problems you face can seem minuscule.You never know, you might even find the solution.

Speaking to someone– You should always have some sort of support system or someone  who you can have a deep conversation with.They can give you insight on your worries and advice. Also, make sure to have the right people around you. The people who are positive influences and who inspire your aspirations.Consider it a cleanse.

Meditation- It is very difficult to clear your mind, especially when you lead a busy life. However, it is important to have a few minutes of the day to retreat to quiet place, or a spot in your house that makes you very comfortable. For me it’s the bathroom for some weird reason. Just take some time to breath, relax your body and collect your thoughts.

Exercising- Exercising is known to relieve stress. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. You can find a way to incorporate in your life through your love for dance, sports or simply walking more.

Watching What You Eat- I must  admit that I have a serious addiction to junk food, especially candy. However, the high levels of concentrated fructose and artificial sweeteners takes a toll on your body. It may give you momentary energy, but if you realize you suddenly  feel cranky ,irritated and exhausted, that ‘s the crash that comes after the high.

Aroma Therapy- In high school I often bought scented candles right before presentations to help put me in a calmer state.

Admitting that Shit Happens- Not everything is with in our control. Sometimes our own bodies may not be within our control and that can lead to anxiety. You’re not a perfect specimen and life  happens. It’s ok to let it run it’s course, because sometimes it more important to focus on how you can change the short comings to make it work for you rather than focusing on the negativity that comes with it.

 “You can choose to be happy”- Mom