The Drugstore Guide to the Perfect Brows

I’m finally back from a Hiatus I like to call College. The past semester left me in a catatonic state to which I’m finally recovering from thanks to a lot of sleep and Game of thrones.

I’m back with 2 drugstore products you can use to achieve your fleekish brows.

L’oreal Paris Fine Tip Brow Pencil


I tested out this product for 3 months and fell in love. It’s extremely similar to the Anastasia brow pencil, however the tip is thinner allowing you the ease of creating the illusion of brow hairs.This is perfect for you guys who have thin hairs and also people with thicker brows to fill in any gaps.


Price- On the L’oreal  website it is sold for $8.99. While in stores like Walmart you can probably find it for a cheaper price ranging around $7.50.

The packaging of the pencil is similar to the Anastasia Beverley Hills. Therefore there is a brush attached and the pencil can be twisted in and out. The pencil is thinner, o.5mm to be exact which increases precision.


It only comes in 3 colors, blonde, brunette and dark brunette.

Breaks easily- Since the pencil material is extremely thin there’s a larger chance of it snapping if too much pressure is applied or if you’re like me and tend to accidentally leave products everywhere.

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo


Price: Ranges from $8:30 to $5.60 depending on store.

Colors:Blonde, Soft brown, Auburn and Deed Brown.

Amount: 0.2 oz

I must admit I was very skeptical to use this product. There was something about the commercial that made me feel that the product would not be a proper functioning one. Was I ever wrong. I first used this product on my mother who has very scarce eyebrows due to her past experience with chemo therapy. I used the sponge end which pumps out brow powder. PRO: The sponge forms to a point which allows for a nice shape when rubbing the power. It’s a quick application. The pencil on the opposite end helped me add more definition to her brows. There are rarely any cons for me. CON: However, some people worry about the sanitation of the sponge tip. Also unlike the l’oreal product this product does NOT have a brush extension. Overall it is a product that allows for a quick and easy process for those days when you have no time.

Thanks for Reading