Trip To Guyana

I recently came back from my 2 week trip to my home country, Guyana. Although I ‘ve  lived there for 10 years as child I feel like it wasn’t until recently that I am truly seeing the country. While in Guyana I’ve explored town, and other places of the city but it was my journey to Parika that left an impression on me. I’ve been living in New York city for 10 years now so seeing the quaint area of Parika gave me a indescribable peace and serenity within myself. I recorded and took pictures of my visit for you guys to see. I hope you like it.


To get to Parika is quite the journey. You must cross the Demerara river which leads into an hour drive. At the Parika market, there is a dock where you have access to the Atlantic Ocean and can travel to many surrounding islands. Although the area leading toward Parika isn’t very populated, the market seems to be the social hotspot. There you can find east Indian, black and Asian people. As you continue to travel through the area you will happen upon a hidden beach that only local Guyanese know of. Although to many seeing brown water may be weird, to me it meant I was home.