The Broken Doll:Halloween Makeup

I remember being terrified of dolls as a kid. So the fact that I chose to create a doll look on my dear friend has me flabbergasted at my behavior. This look is fun and easy to create for anyone looking for a quick idea to go trick or treating, or to a halloween party.

Doll Base

Creating a flawless base|

  • Moisturize and Prime
  • You can be as flexible as you want. You can make it lighter, darker, blue, purple etc.(Make sure you blend it down the neck)  *I went lighter for my model
  • Conceal, Contour and Highlight( *concealers, foundations or cream contour products can be used) Set everything with face powder

Doll Eyes


  • Brows are up to you. I decided to go thin and black. I used liner to create them and concealed her brows around them.
  • Use matte neutral colors, emphasizing the crease.Then apply your preferred fake lashes to finish the look.

Doll lips


  • A red lip liner and lipstick(any drugstore will do)

Broken Doll


The cheeks were  little tricky because the color was not showing up on her deep skin tone. Therefore, I used a pink powder blush as a base and red lipstick to make the blush circles.

Doll liner


I used the Maybelline gel liner and the brush that came with it to make the cracks. Let it dry and then layer it on again. I cleaned up any mistakes with concealer. The liner can be used to also defined the cheek contours and to defined the chin. To make the eyes more dramatic draw on bottom lashes.

That’s the end of this quick doll look. If anyone is interested in any specific product used you can leave a comment and I’ll add it in.

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9 Ways to Deal with Anxiety

I suffer from general anxiety everyday of my life. It can attack at anytime during the day, whether it’s on a train filled to the brim with meat suits or simply that quiet moment I have right before I fall asleep.This usually leads to depression, insomnia, tension headaches, mood swings, difficulty breathing, the occasional dizziness and a low self-esteem.

Stop saying you suffer from anxiety- My aunt makes it her duty to remind me that WORDS HAVE MOLDING POWER. Yes, you have anxiety but reminding yourself of it everyday and using it as an excuse every time it keeps you from enjoying yourself only restricts you to a box you created.

Music Therapy- This a remedy I have for my mild mood swings. In life many people have routines, but  there are always minor obscurities that makes your routine slightly different from the last. This can usually change the entire mood of my day, to the point I may not want to leave the house. Therefore, I have playlists of different music that I would listen to depending on my mood. For example, I have a rain sounds playlist for my insomnia.

Taking breaks and Changing Perspectives– Whether it’s a break from work or the people you’re around, it’s important to take some time away to catch up with  yourself.I think introverts can understand when I say that social interaction can be exhausting.Take some time to have mini adventures. When your horizons are broadened some of the problems you face can seem minuscule.You never know, you might even find the solution.

Speaking to someone– You should always have some sort of support system or someone  who you can have a deep conversation with.They can give you insight on your worries and advice. Also, make sure to have the right people around you. The people who are positive influences and who inspire your aspirations.Consider it a cleanse.

Meditation- It is very difficult to clear your mind, especially when you lead a busy life. However, it is important to have a few minutes of the day to retreat to quiet place, or a spot in your house that makes you very comfortable. For me it’s the bathroom for some weird reason. Just take some time to breath, relax your body and collect your thoughts.

Exercising- Exercising is known to relieve stress. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. You can find a way to incorporate in your life through your love for dance, sports or simply walking more.

Watching What You Eat- I must  admit that I have a serious addiction to junk food, especially candy. However, the high levels of concentrated fructose and artificial sweeteners takes a toll on your body. It may give you momentary energy, but if you realize you suddenly  feel cranky ,irritated and exhausted, that ‘s the crash that comes after the high.

Aroma Therapy- In high school I often bought scented candles right before presentations to help put me in a calmer state.

Admitting that Shit Happens- Not everything is with in our control. Sometimes our own bodies may not be within our control and that can lead to anxiety. You’re not a perfect specimen and life  happens. It’s ok to let it run it’s course, because sometimes it more important to focus on how you can change the short comings to make it work for you rather than focusing on the negativity that comes with it.

 “You can choose to be happy”- Mom

10 Steps to achieve the “Natural” makeup look

Naturally Pretty

Don’t we all wish that we woke up like this? Unfortunately, life happens and takes away all the beauty sleep we deserve. This look is perfect for work, school or just simply to run errands. Probably the number #1 preferred make up look by your boyfriend(Don’t quote me on that 😉 )is a natural look.

As a college student I suffer from what I like to call the zombie effect. Side effects| breakouts, dark circles and low self-confidence. Therefore, I volunteer myself to give you a few tips that will have you looking human again in no time.

Step 1| Exfoliate and Moisturize with skin care suitable for your skin type

** Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week and always moisturize

Step 2| Do your brows

**Try to get a brow pencil that is 1 shade lighter than your brow color to give dimension.

Step 3| Prime face and eye lids

Step 4| Apply a warm orange shade, on your crease and lower lash line then blend. Apply a neutral color to your lids and lastly a warm ton brown I your crease. Apply mascara or falsies to finish the look

Step 5| Begin your foundation routine. Apply a full coverage cream concealer below your foundation, then apply a light layer of foundation

Step 6| Add coverage where necessary, either with your foundation or your concealer.

**Make sure the your concealer is close to your skin tone.

Step 7| Do a subtle highlight with a liquid concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply in a  downward triangular shape below your eyes and right below your cheek bone if you want  subtle reverse contour

Step 8| Powder all concealed spots, bronze and add a slight powder contour

Step 9| Apply a pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, and a highlight similar to your skin tone on the high points of your cheeks, nose bridge and cupid’s bow

Step 10| Apply a lip product with a rose-pink or peach undertone.

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Scarlet Kisses

You can achieve this look in 4 easy steps:

1| Do your preferred foundation and eyebrow routine

2|Place a warm medium brown in your crease and a

wash of a darker cool tone brown on your lids then blend

3|Use your preferred red lippie . ( La Girl cherry lip pencil blended with a drug store lip pencil in scarlet red)

4| Apply multiple coats of mascara or go for natural looking falsies

7 Mascara Mistakes you might be making:

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Go to makeup look:Autumn

Pink Cranberries

This is my ultimate go to look for this fall. Girly pink with a hint of kick ass, my favorite combo. Depending on how you feel, it’s easy to change up this look. Some days I opt for a lighter look paired it with a salmon colored lip for that blushing look. The days I feel bad, I go smokey all the way with a nude lip. And the best part about this look is that the main shadow I used is PINK BLUSH. Nope it’s not a name of an eye shadow it’s actual blush. Mind Blown…Carry On

My foundation routine, you can find it here :

FEATURE BLUSH: Tarte Amazonian clay (Fearless), But any pink blush should do it


Stila- Fire as my transition

Placed the fearless blush on the upper lid and lower lash line

***For a light look you can stop here and place some liner to top it off)***

Estee Lauder raisins- Crease Color

Estee Lauder Chocolate Bliss-Lower lash line


Salmon Colored- Rimmel Old spice

Nude Colored- Lined my lips with Mac’s Cork , Used Lipstick-Mac Spirit

Final Touches: Mac’s Gold Deposit Highlighter

This look is an easy, feel good makeup look that everyone who wears makeup should try. So I dare you, try and tag me _the_kreative on instagram . I would love to see it on other skins tones and with different interpretations.