Daily Makeup: Zendaya Inspired

I have a range of daily makeup looks but today I did a Zendaya inspired look. Many people say I look like a mixture of her and Zoe Saldana and at that point I gladly stay quiet and except the compliment. I noticed this copper/gold smokey eyes on her instagram and I wanted to attempt to recreate a day look from it incorporating some drugstore and high end  products

Products Used:


Maybelline fit me 330

Estee Lauder 5w1 for Extra coverage

Nar Creamy Concealer Caramel

L’Oreal True Match W7  to set and Mac Skin Finish In dark as bronzer

Slight contour Mac Blunt

Slight blush with Tarte Fearless


Couldn’t find my Anastasia Beverly Hills so I used any brown pencil I could find

concealers used mac nc45 studio fix and NARS creamy concealer


Filled my entire lip with Rimmel Spice

Lined it with Rimmel Cocoa


Urban Decay Primer

Eye shadows

Stila- Fire(Transition color)

Estee Lauder-Chocolate bliss and lavish Mink( crease and bottom lash line) Pralines(On the Lid)

Kiss Individual Lashes- Classic Short

Maybelline Gel Liner

Maybelline Rocket  power Mascara

4 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

Rosy Cheeks


Blushed cheeks are the perfect compliment  for colder seasons. It brings color and life back into  your face when in actuality you’re dying from the harsh weather.Apply blush right below the high point of your cheeks to give your face a more lifted appearance.Then apply highlighter over the blush for the inner glow. Blushed cheeks with flawless skin are to die for.

90’s Cool tone lips

Instagram: Vladamua

The 90’s are back and so are the grunge look and chokers that comes along with it. This fall is the perfect opportunity to try taupe and brown lips.There are a variety of ways to pull off this look. You can go grunge, use it with a cat eye or even bare eyes. Warning these colors tend to suck color away from your face.(Favorite brown lip liner cocoa by Rimmel)

Graphic Liner

Screenshot_2015-09-15-14-55-44-1-1Get your gels, pencils and liquid liners ready. A bold liner look is perfect for that everyday routine when you want to look like you made an effort in the morning. Make sure you find the eyeliner style catered to your eye shape to look your best.

Metallic eyes

Instagram: Vladamua

I love metallic eyes for the fall and winter seasons. There’s something ice princess about it.There are cream shadows and loose pigments that you can use to achieve metallic statement eyes. This season, I’ve been in love with pink, cranberry, burnt orange, mauve and brown colors.

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7 Mascara Mishaps


Mascara, the fluffy wand that many women depend on for making their eyelashes fabulous. We leave the house feeling beautiful but throughout the day it looks like we created our own set of dark circles.

Here are some simple mistakes that you might be making that makes your mascara look, dare I say it…less fleekish.

  1. Expired mascara– Using anything that is expired is obviously bad. When the mascara is old and dry, it might still get the job done but there is fallout that you might not notice until later in the day. It can also lead to eye irritation and trust me ladies I know because I’ve tried it. Let me tell you , not fun.
  2. Pumping your mascara– You’re basically pumping air into it and lord knows what else, so you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Dramatic I know! But true.
  3. Applying too much–  Too much mascara, never ! Unfortunately there is such a thing. I take full responsibility for breaking the bad news. Over done mascara can lead to clumps and spidery lashes, which if that is what you like, I  say keep doing what you’re doing. If not,  the simple way to solve this is to swipe of the excess off or get disposable wands.
  4. Applying mascara from the tips– Now this might be something that everyone knows. But I know there are people out there exactly like my mom who refuses to go anywhere near the roots of their lashes. When applying mascara get in the positions that is most comfortable to you. I personally choose what I like to call the carp position, because I can’t keep my mouth closed. Start from the roots, wiggle it  at the bottom and gradually move to the tips of your eyelashes.
  5. Mascara Smudges – Now this is not your fault. Some people have long eyelashes, so when you apply mascara it eventually ends up on your face. A few ways of fixing this is, after applying mascara take a Q-tip or your fingers and remove the excess mascara from the tips of your lashes through gentle pinching motions or do your eye makeup first before your foundation routine.
  6. Choosing the wrong mascara– There are various types of mascaras that have different functions. Most drugstore mascaras are perfectly fine to use. However, you have to watch out for the ones of low quality . If you have a problem with runny mascara opt for a waterproof mascara. You can you can even get  colored mascara depending on your eye color. Look on the packaging to see what it has to offer. There might be some disappointments because that comes with marketing but with this you’ll be on the right track to choosing the mascara made for you.
  7. Removing mascara– Not removing mascara can  irritate your eyes and it makes your application the next day difficult because your lashes are clumped together from day old mascara. I know it’s tasking to make sure to get it all off but your lashes will thank you.

Favorite affordable mascara products

Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara

Maybelline Rocket Volum’ express waterproof mascara

(Skin type: Combination, Oily T zone and dry perimeter)

Neutrogena makeup remover wipes

Simple makeup remover wipes( Sensitive skin)

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